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Starting from the very early age, children are ought to be taught with the help of books. But many issues are there, which hinder the practice of teaching and making the children learn through the books. Most common and very prominent reason is that parents are too much busy to give time to their children. Generally parents are left with no time to research for the books which are important for children. So there are many websites which offer a good range of books which are especially kept together for the children from the age of three years till six years. A huge variety of books are gathered in one place so that parents may not have to surf many websites and can get the best books for their kids in one place only.

Parents need to select best kids reading books which can suit their tender age. After you have read some of the basic books to your children then you need to select any other book series which are based on different topics and are up to the level of understanding of the child. Some of the books which are useful for children of the age three to six years are Arthur, Blue’s Clues, Curious George, Franklin, Elephant and Piggie and Froggy. Another good series of books for this particular age group are Pinkalicious, Richard Scary books, Fly Guy and Mr. Putter and Tabby and many more. The books which are scripted for this age group of children must be simple and easy to understand and must be less confusing. After the child has read all these books, there is a need of some more complex and less tricky books which will require more understanding.

More importantly, the children’s books must have improved vocabulary which can help them in future while writing and speaking as well. The more challenging books give children a chance to explore more and become more tactful and rational. The books must be based on the morals so that apart from just learning the English language, they can also impart good knowledge and values which can help in making them a good person. Children can enhance their imagination and thinking power by reading good books. Thus, the books must contain stories which are imaginative, dramatic, mysterious, funny and most importantly content rich. To maintain the level of interest in the book while reading, the books must also be less scary so that children can retain to read that book. When children are unable to read books themselves, then parents must start reading out books to their children at a very early age so that it becomes their habit. After which children will start reading books when grown up.


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Books are best known for imparting knowledge since the ages of saints. Since then, the main motive has not ever deviated and today also people use it to learn and get educated. Apart from getting education, books also serve as  a medium of fun. Books are majorly categorized into many segments. It can be any novel, picture books or any literature book. Autobiographies, craft and hobbies books, fiction, history and politics and many more. Books and journals on lifestyle, fiction, non-fiction, arts, photography and cooking as well forms a vast range of reading material. Apart from many genres these reading material, magazines, journals and books are divided into two types. One for girls and another for boys.

Boys prefer to read books related to fighter characters, games, machineries and a little elder one may read another novel or literature books. While girls prefer to read books comprising of fairy tales, music folklore, beauty, and hallucination as well. Most importantly parents need to take care of the choice of the books. Books can be selected according to the age of the child be it a girl or a boy. But the area of interest must also be taken into consideration. There are many books available online for girls and boys. Books such as Catching Fire, The Hunger Games, A Hat Full of Sky, The Wee Free Men are a few to mention but there are lot many books which can be an attraction for girls. Now coming to boys, A Roman Rescue, We’r going to Build A Dam, The Diggers are Coming are some of the most popular books. Books have created a very important place in children’s life. It teaches them many things such as morals, values and respecting elders, the importance of relationships and many more.

It is true that apart from diverse likings of boys and girls, books for girls can be similar in many cases to books for boys. Be it a craft book, any autobiography or and history, craft and photography books. Many genres are there which comprises of almost similar books for both of them. Many boys and girls possess same liking as well so there can be same books too for both the categories.

Ensure a Bright Future of Your Child through Best Kids’ Books


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From the ages, when books came into existence, mostly the children of well off families were into reading. While other children were indulged into outdoor and indoor games. But later on, with the changing times, parents realized the importance of education which brought book reading to the forefront. Book reading was treated as a supreme source of knowledge and a simplest way to educate children. Parents, grandparents started narrating stories and reading books at bedtime to their children. Since then, this practice of reading books has become inseparable part of kids’ life.

Knowing that today’s kids prefer to read books, it is really a matter of concern to guard children from reading inappropriate books. To make it more clear, the books which the child should read at a particular age is totally dependent upon some factors which affect a child’s life. Sensibility, the power of understanding, emotional quotient, and lot many other factors are there which must be taken care off while offering books to children to read. Writers and authors who specialize in writing kids books have given tons of opportunities to children to select their favorite book and enjoy it. Thereafter it is up to parents and elders to guide children to choose a seemly book as per their interests.

There are dozens of best kids’ books on a wide variety of topics. Some of the most liked and appreciated books by kids are Elephant and Piggie, Eloise, Little Misses, Mr. Men, Ella Bella, Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious and Richard Scarry and etc. Books must be of a length that few pages can be read each day and a books must get complete in few days so that children do not face boredom with the same story. After completing one level of books, parents must encourage their kids to take on some other more interesting and challenging books. The enhanced level of books will surely help in improving vocabulary, complex sentence structures and more engaging and complex story line as well. Most importantly the books must comprise of new and sophisticated vocabulary, must have coherency and uniqueness. Apart from meaningful story line it should be imaginative, dramatic, mysterious, fun and content rich. Taking parents level of comfort into consideration, the text of kids books should not be too small or styled so that it is easy for parents to read it loud to the children.

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Books are always a great source of information, knowledge and fun too. Books are categorically divided into various sections. These can be story books, novels, knowledgeable and even the course books. Books form a very important entity in children’s life. Every day, a new book is being published only for children. Hence, reading materials for children are flooded in the market and are present on varied topics at different prices.

The important thing is to know are the benefits of reading books when you are a kid. Reading books can be very helpful in increasing the vocabulary. It also teaches you how to use any particular word. Normally when parents or grandparents read books to children, it helps in strenghtning emotional development. Children generally relate with story characters and hence feel the same feeling which makes them emotionally sound. Daily reading habits help in preparing children for school environment and daily homework pattern. The books for children also escalates curiosity and imagination power. Actual understanding of what is written in books and visualizing everything quickly are also some of the traits which increase in children. It only improves  gradually while children are in regular reading habits.

Knowledge is a foremost thing which grows with the increase in number of books which have been read. When they read books of different style at different age, they tend to learn everything normally according to their age. Some of the books are also diversified in the category of boys and girls. So young ladies can enjoy the separate section which only has books for girls.   As reading books-for-childrenconsumes lot of time hence it also helps in increasing the attention, focus and concentration. On the other hand, books which have colored pictures influence children the most. As pictures make a deep impression on the child’s mind and are saved in children’s memory for longer duration. Watching television habits can also be successfully replaced by books as they are also a source of entertainment. Indulging children in reading can be a very constructive manner in which their potential can be utilized.

It’s really better to involve children in active learning. As watching television is a passive learning process which do not benefit them. While parents who read out books to their young ones, make them learn one more value of being obedient to their parents and respect them too. Preschool reading also plays a very significant role as it prepares the child mentally to face further academic pressures in life. Hence, it can be said that books for children are most important in their life.

Find Out the Latest Stories for Kids Online



Since long time, stories have been a very eternal part of life. Most of the times, stories capture mind and people act and behave according to many characters in stories. Usually, stories were told to kids by their grandparents at the time of going to bed. Stories are basic and the simplest source of teaching kids morals and ethics. Through stories children learn a lot many things and values very easily without much effort. As the time passed, many story books have become available in the market. Story books have made their place in many people’s lives. Now a days, grandparents do not tell stories, but kids from the very early age start reading books according to their interest areas.

Kids prefer reading story books and other novels from the very beginning. Many read cartoon comics, which has animated characters, while others read fiction. Some children also like reading feature and science fiction as well. Stories for kids have become a large market which deals with only books related to kids. Many authors are also writing books especially for kids as a mainstream work. Some authors write books for children apart from writing novels and other study materials. Some of the noted authors of children’s books are P.B Kerr, Cornelia Funke, Holly Lisle and Garth Nix who have written story books for children. Some authors have passion to think and imagine like children and then write stories for them so that kids can easily connect to stories and characters.

There are various sections in which stories for children are written. Some sections are Sci-Fi, Mystery and Suspense, Action and Adventure, Friends and Friendship, School Life, Humor, Graphic Novels, Horror, Drama and History. Books for teens are specially written for teenagers keeping in mind their age group and their issues. Apart from these sections, story books for children have been gender wise categorized as books for girls and books for boys. Some very popular story books for girls are Baby Island by Carol Ryrie Brink, Pride and Prejudice by Nancy Butler, Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. Books for boys are also very famous among their gender. Books such as Bob and Rob by Sue Pickford, Super frog and the Big Stink by Michael Foreman, March of the Armored Beasts by Rex Stone are some of the very popular ones among boys.

In the early stages of life books are generally read for fun and interest in any specific topic. But later on reading books become a habit and makes children learn many beneficial things. Thus, story books for kids have made a great impact on the lives of children and made them more understandable.

Considering only the positive impacts of reading books, parents must encourage children fro reading books which will help in increasing knowledge as well as their grasping power. To improve your kid’s reading habits, understanding many more unseen values, start fostering your kid towards reading books. Be it any fiction, a novel or any funny story books every book will give something  to children for good only.

The World of Rapidly Declining Children’s Literature: A Sad Reality


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The mind of the child is one of the most innocent self – thinking entities. At that age, it is extremely impressionable and eager to learn it is for this purpose, that the early childhood is the best time to teach the child morals, tenets of a good citizen and the way to a future life of virtue.  Back in our days, a medium of early childhood learning and entertainment were children’s stories. There were some classics like –Snow white that I think nobody grew up without reading at least once, and some other hilarious ones like Chicken Little & Nancy Drew. For a short while, we had access to a world of fairies and magical beings, of fantastical happenings, where a frog could be a king and witches flew about on brooms.  Somewhere, we too could become a part of this all- at least in our minds. And a more applicable part was those couple of lines at the bottom of any fable- those morals, which implored us to be good people.

Today’s kids have grown up with something else altogether- they know all the intricacies of the operation of a tablet by the time they are 5. Games involving belligerent birds and slicing of fruits occupy their minds.  Where did that age of conventional learning, (not requiring a battery back-up), of careless bantering and of imagine flying high, go?

Early exposure to electronic media makes kids arrogant and possessive, not mentioning the effects on eyes. Another yet-unrealised result would be a shorter attention span. Picture this- when you are watching TV, or even a game on your tablet, you never stay on the same channel for long. You tend to keep changing channels or switching to game- boredom strikes much quicker. On the other hand, if you are reading a book, serious readers will go through the whole book, in one or multiple sittings, in short, they will be more focussed. As said above, the impressionable minds of children can pick up this lack of attention.

Even those interested in introducing their kids to literature, the availability of books for children might pose a problem. Children’s bookstores, sadly, are not a very popular entity these days.

You can though, turn to the online world- websites for the retail of the best kid’s books, consisting of a wide collection of both old classics and new works. The prices are economical, and formats include hardback, softback, and even kindle.

Go and have a look, for it would indeed be a sad and un- intellectual world of the future if the generation never learnt the beauty of literature.

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As we all know that books are friends and play a very important role in children’s life from the very beginning. Books related to studies, novels, scrap books, painting and drawing books, are useful in different phases of children’s life. At early stages, kids are only involved in drawing books and scrap books for making collages but later on moving forward with their classes, children tend to study novels, course books and something we can mention as a serious stuff. One can get books for children in books shops, universal book stores and many local retail shops. With everything going online, you can also buy books for children online. There are various books which are from different topics and areas. Children usually select books which are of their interest.

Ranging from fairy tales to mischievous play games and serious stuff, children select their favorite books to read in their leisure time or as a hobby. Harry Potter being favorite series for both girls and boys and even adults. Keeping in mind different point of view, thinking and likings, books for both boys and girls are specifically written targeting them as their target audience. Apart from fun reading, books can be a great source of information and learning for children. Books help them in enhancing their vocabulary, reading skills, pronunciation and even grasping power.

Hardy boys, Gogo Kids and Maniac Magee are some of the male character oriented books for boys. Slumber Party Lawns, The Vision (fallen star), The Perfect Tea Party and The Candy Makers are some of the female character oriented books which are famous among girls. Wide variety of books are written focusing specially on kids. There are many popular writers who write books only for kids. They are specialized in their stream of writing.  Children books usually help in increasing their knowledge and enables with reading habits which can be followed later on in life as a daily practice. So, you can easily buy books for children online and avail discounts that are offered online and also make them more learned.

Buy Stories for Children that are Moral Based



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In ancient years, leaves were used to write on with use of liquid ink. In later centuries, home -made papers came into existence and it was used from there on. Later on, a time came when papers were made by the usage of wood. The idea is same these days with similar basic steps rather modifying on technological part. Papers are made useful and knowledgeable by writing on them. After liquid inks, a time came when papers manufactured from factories were thereof printed and designed according to the purpose for which it is to be used. Similarly, books are made and a collection of many pages with facts, figures and images is collectively known as book.

Books are for different uses and imparting knowledge in different sections, issues and topics. Story books are available for kids, youngsters and even adults. More interesting stories for children are majorly from best collection of story books for kids. Stories related to children ranges from topics to fiction and even real world stories. You all must have remembered your grandmothers telling you stories before going to sleep and you would enjoy it. Nobody really has any idea from where that stories originated and how come the grannies used to tell children. It seems that story telling is a part of everybody’s life from very early days. Usually, stories for kids constitutes of imaginary characters like animals, kings, maids, queens, ghosts, mermaids and even evil demons.  Everything in stories seems so real that involving in it is very easy. Stories generally have animals like elephant and tiger who speak. Birds sing songs and mermaids also speaks.

Most of the authors do work of fiction while writing stories for children. Fables are most preferred by kids as interest is generated and children enjoy reading it. Most important factor of these stories for children is that they are moral based. Stories always have a moral in the end which easily teaches serious and important values to children. Every other kid has a different favorite character and does every work keeping in mind the character. Story books serve as a good source of morals through which kids inculcate good values which are important in building children’s character and emerging out as a good human being.  Apart from good values, children do catch bad and mischievous habits sometimes. Children generally try to do things which a character in a story does. Similar is the case with character of super heroes. Stories usually portray super heroes doing stunts and dangerous acts, so sometimes, kids are misguided and tend to do such acts at home which results into injuries. Not being able to do any stunt as a super hero does, makes children dull, unhappy and consequently children start disliking favorite characters. That time, parents love and affection is more needed thing for depressed child. One should leave behind negative consequences and concentrate more on positive aspects and try to get children indulge into reading habits from a very early age.

Stories for kids- Still Reading Today


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Clearly, the hope is seeping out of the world if today’s kids are totally focussed on stuff like angry birds, and nothing else. What they are missing while they are buried under their tablets is learning of morals and of childhood innocence- of stories for kids– something that stays within our memory for a lifetime. Applications are forgotten as soon as they get replaced, but think back a little, and most of us who grew up in the era of children’s storybooks, and we can clearly remember most of those works.

Reading may be facing stiff competition from the internet and the television, but know thus, reading is indispensible. In fact, it is imperative for very parent to instil a reading culture in his/her child right from the start. Not only does it offer better language skills, but also a greater capacity to think, imagine and recreate.

Bookstores have also not been untouched by the electronic storm- the range of clientele is fallen, and now they mostly rely on dedicated patronage for business. And with the withdrawing of the current child generation into their password-protected shells, children’s bookstores have suffered even more. It is neigh difficult to find such an exclusive joint still open. The question, thus, becomes of availability. For those awakened parents who want their children to really know the wonders of childhood, a source is needed where one can browse through and acquire children’s literature.

But then, who said anything about NON-availability? As long as there’s the internet, everything can be searched for and purchased online. That too, dedicated to books for kids age. Though not as huge an operation as Amazon, these standalone portals, mostly run by parents themselves, have on sale a range of children’s stories- consisting of authors like Marilyn Singer and Mo Williems. These books come in various formats- Hardback, Paperback and Kindle, if your kid still likes screens better than pages. The cost is economical, and delivery for the hard print is straight at your doorstep.

What you get is a portal where you can ‘browse’ through and straightaway order children’s literature. And what you achieve is a lifelong learning of morals for your kids.

Children’s Books: Now Gone Digital


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All those of our generation will remember a time in our childhood when stories for children were our primary source of entertainment. But in a way, it was beyond just entertainment- for us it was an invitation into a world of the beautiful and the fantastic. Everything was possible- a princess could turn a beast into a prince with a kiss, some could fly, some lived in deep forests or even under the sea! We developed a world of ourselves around these stories where we were the ones doing the flying, and doling out good for everybody!

Even if fir a little while, children’s stories offered to us a world of fantasy which we lived through and enjoyed before the harsh realities of life set in. but there was one more important result- remember those little one or two lines that used to appear at the end of every story? Those morals, which in those long-gone days espoused us to be honest, trustworthy, loving and brave. Our first exposure to learning how to be good, law-abiding citizens. Today, when you see 4 year olds handling an iPad as if they designed the damn thing, a lot will feel that those old storybooks don’t stand a chance in vying for the attention of these children. They won’t have those moving pictures- or those fruit slicing games. But inside your heart, you know that those old tales, now classed as ‘boring’ by your kids indeed had the magic touch.

It’s not too late- if you start early, you can introduce your kids to these wonders. We know that children’s literature has not yet become extinct- there is still some hope for this world- but availability is a big problem. Bookshops are a dying business, especially children’s bookstores. But for everything in the world, there is a shop available- online. Just like music and novels have gone online, so have storybooks. There are websites available where you can get them in digital format- the benefit being that even if your kid loves his tablet and will run away on seeing books, he can still view the stories on his tablet. Most of these websites are free of cost, with a collection of most of the stories we knew in our childhood.

Go on; let your kids have a look- let them know how once childhood was a land of beauty and goodness- and how that goodness is still possible in today’s life.

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