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Clearly, the hope is seeping out of the world if today’s kids are totally focussed on stuff like angry birds, and nothing else. What they are missing while they are buried under their tablets is learning of morals and of childhood innocence- of stories for kids– something that stays within our memory for a lifetime. Applications are forgotten as soon as they get replaced, but think back a little, and most of us who grew up in the era of children’s storybooks, and we can clearly remember most of those works.

Reading may be facing stiff competition from the internet and the television, but know thus, reading is indispensible. In fact, it is imperative for very parent to instil a reading culture in his/her child right from the start. Not only does it offer better language skills, but also a greater capacity to think, imagine and recreate.

Bookstores have also not been untouched by the electronic storm- the range of clientele is fallen, and now they mostly rely on dedicated patronage for business. And with the withdrawing of the current child generation into their password-protected shells, children’s bookstores have suffered even more. It is neigh difficult to find such an exclusive joint still open. The question, thus, becomes of availability. For those awakened parents who want their children to really know the wonders of childhood, a source is needed where one can browse through and acquire children’s literature.

But then, who said anything about NON-availability? As long as there’s the internet, everything can be searched for and purchased online. That too, dedicated to books for kids age. Though not as huge an operation as Amazon, these standalone portals, mostly run by parents themselves, have on sale a range of children’s stories- consisting of authors like Marilyn Singer and Mo Williems. These books come in various formats- Hardback, Paperback and Kindle, if your kid still likes screens better than pages. The cost is economical, and delivery for the hard print is straight at your doorstep.

What you get is a portal where you can ‘browse’ through and straightaway order children’s literature. And what you achieve is a lifelong learning of morals for your kids.